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My love for film photography – As a Wedding Film Photographer.

May 9, 2023


As a wedding film photographer, I have a passion and deep appreciation for the timeless allure of film photography. From its elegant detail to its iconic nostalgic feel, there is something special about capturing couples’ “big day” with vintage cameras and high quality films that cannot be replicated digitally or with modern tools. Film photography allows couples to step into an exclusive world of luxury where their happy memories become tangible in beautifully detailed photographs that will be cherished for years to come. It’s not just about creating beautiful moments that are destined to become timeless memories — it’s also about embracing an older, more romantic style of image making. There is something incredibly special about slowing down while living in the moment while shooting with film – you can connect to every detail in every frame that you create. It’s no wonder why so many of my brides and grooms are turning to me for film.

Digital you can shoot 100s of frames without the thought, there isn’t the same connection. The colours are breathtakingly real with film as opposed to being artificially enhanced and there is something special knowing each frame will be a one-of-a-kind creation made by me, just for you! Film photography truly speaks magic into any couple’s wedding gallery meaning choosing me as your wedding photographer brings even greater value compared to traditional digital options alone. Through my lens, I am able to capture tender moments between two souls; honest emotions revealed in candid glances; raw love displayed on passionate embraces… experiences so unique they deserve nothing less than the romance only offered through my film photography.

There’s just something special about the timeless quality of film photography that can’t be replicated. As a photographer, shooting with film allows me to connect with my clients in a more intimate way. When I pull out my analog camera, I’m able to slow down and really focus on the moment, capturing the essence of my subject in a way that only film can. There’s a certain magic to the unpredictability of film, where every shot is unique and can’t be duplicated. And when I deliver the final product to my clients, there’s always a sense of anticipation, wondering what hidden gems we captured together. Film photography truly is a romance, and I feel privileged to share that connection with my clients. It really is one of my greatest loves.

In a world where we constantly take pictures with our smartphones, it’s easy to forget the beauty of film photography. However, having a film photographer capture your meaningful moments can be truly magical. Unlike digital photography, every shot is carefully composed and thought out, making each photograph a work of art. With a film photographer, you can appreciate the timeless quality of film that will never fade away or be deleted by accident. They have a unique ability to capture the emotion and essence of a moment, and that’s why having a film photographer is so special. These moments might be ones you’ll cherish forever, there is nothing better than the unique timeless frames of film.

To summarise, film photography can transport couples to a special kind of experience of timeless beauty and luxury when they decide to capture their wedding. Its iconic feel and the cherished moments that last forever make it all worth it. Personally, I have been drawn to film photography since I was a child, its truly unexplainable. I believe in capturing memories that last. From intimate family moments to beautiful ephemeral moments marked in time, film photography provides me with the ability to craft memories that will stay with you and your families for generations. If you are looking for someone who can provide you with exceptional service and timeless cinematic films, then look no further and contact me today – allowing you to capture your special day in all its Hues, Shades and Moments.

In an age where everything is digital and instant, it’s easy to forget the beauty and romance of film photography. But for me, film is more than just a medium – it’s a connection to the past, a nod to the traditional craft of photography, and an opportunity to capture the most intimate moments in the most breathtaking way possible. And when it comes to weddings, there’s nothing quite like the magic of film to enhance your wedding gallery and make your memories truly timeless.

So, why do I love film? First and foremost, it’s the feeling. There’s something indescribable about the look and texture of film that simply can’t be replicated by digital. The grain, the contrast, the softness – every frame is unique, every shot a work of art. And because film is less forgiving than digital, it requires a certain level of skill and mastery to perfect, which makes it all the more satisfying when you get it right.

But for me, the real magic of film comes from the way it helps me connect with my clients. Shooting with film requires a slower, more deliberate pace, while not missing a beat, which allows me to really focus on capturing the essence of the moment. I find that my clients are often more relaxed and natural in front of the camera when I’m shooting film, because they know that I’m taking the time to truly capture the beauty of their love story.

And when it comes to weddings, the benefits of film are endless. For one, film is incredibly versatile – it can create a soft, dreamy look for romantic shots, or a bold and dramatic effect for more dynamic moments. And because every shot is unique, your wedding photos will have a one-of-a-kind look and feel that truly captures the spirit of your special day.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of film is its timelessness. Unlike digital photos, which can quickly become dated and lose their feel, film photos only get better with time. They have a classic, vintage feel that will never go out of style, and they’re sure to be treasured by generations to come.

Choosing me to shoot film at your wedding will fulfill all your artistic dreams. Not only will your photos be beautiful and timeless, but you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with a medium that truly captures the magic and romance of your special day. So if you’re looking for a photographer who can provide a unique and unforgettable experience, look no further than film – and me.

If you would like me to shoot your wedding, I would LOVE to be there please fill out the contact form here.

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